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Go home with more than just a painting!  The wine and painting classes have gained a lot of popularity over the past couple of years.  Sure they are fun, but what if you could create a meaningful experience that will leave you with more self-awareness and a sense of personal well-being, Rather than Just going home with a painting?  This expressive arts therapy group offers a variety of benefits including: decreased anxiety and negative stress, exploration of feelings, increased self-esteem, managing addictions, processing and externalizing trauma, gaining new perspectives with insight, giving language and meaning to otherwise confusing and wordless events, amongst others.  A combination of visual arts, music, and dance/movement therapY will be incorporated to facilitate inner healing at the deepest level.

Even if you do not consider yourself an “artist” in the traditional sense, no prior experience is needed for this therapy group to be effective.  The use of expressive arts unlocks places in the brain which were previously inaccessible with strictly the use of language.  Drop in for one group, or sign up for the complete series at a discounted rate.  Groups are 90 minutes in length and are offered weekly for 8 SESSIONS.

Group Runs January 25-March 15 on Thursdays 6:00-7:30pm.

Fee: $60/session, or $400/entire series.  Cost covers group fee and all supplies needed.  

Space is limited! Please Reserve your spot below By January 18. 

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Chelsea Crow, Female Trauma Therapist

Chelsea Crow, Female Trauma Therapist

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